Southern Paranormal Research & Investigation Team 



                     JASMINE EZAGUI 

Jasmine is currently working towards her doctorate in psychology and has been working in a mental health setting for 10 years. Jasmine has been fascinated with the paranormal for many years, and has had the opportunity to investigate numerous fascinating places including Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Pennhurst Asylum, St. Alban's Asylum and most recently Waverly Hills Sanatorium. 


                      SCOTT KRAVIT 

Scott was born in New York, and has been a resident of Florida since 1976. Scott is an avid photographer and reader. His photographic skills are essential to the team, providing valuable documentation of investigations.  

                   JENNIFER MARTIN 

Jen is our Florida native. She has a passion for history and is our team researcher. Jen has had an interest in the paranormal ever since she was young. Jen's background in social work brings about a compassionate approach to clients dealing with the paranormal.