Southern Paranormal Research & Investigation Team 


                 CAN EXPECT......

As a group, there are several procedures that we follow for each and every investigation. This is to ensure that clients receive the quality services when in need. Again, persons who may be experiencing paranormal phenomena may be in distress and we as a group want to convey professional services to alleviate any discomfort. 

Upon receipt of a referral, a senior member of the team will contact the client to set up an interview. It is only after this that our team will decide if we can accept a case for an investigation. It is never our intention to turn away a client, however we recognize that we cannot accept every case submitted to us. If we are unable to help, we will do our best to refer a client to an appropriate source for further assistance. This is the least we can do. 

Upon acceptance of a case, a walk through of the location is scheduled. We will use this time to map the location so that we make sure that we bring the correct equipment to the investigation. On the day of the investigation, we will usually arrive at a client's home about one to two hours prior to the investigation's start to do equipment set up. 

Upon conclusion of the investigation, we will provide the client with a brief, oral report of our findings. A detailed report will be forwarded once all investigation materials are reviewed. Whenever possible, we will also provide clients with copies of any physical evidence gathered.