Southern Paranormal Research & Investigation Team 



Must be 21 years of age or older 

Agree to submit to a criminal background check

Commit to attend group meetings 

Follow pre-set investigation rules/regulations at all times 

Retain both an open mind and a healthy degree of skepticism 

Have your own transportation to and from investigations/meetings 

Acquire and be responsible for your own equipment

*NOTE: We Are Currently Accepting New Applications For Specific Areas Including: 

                     1-Case Management Position 

                     2-Tech Specialist Position 

              These are volunteer positions and require both time, energy and commitment to the group 


General Information for Prospective Members

Application for membership is not a guarantee of membership. Group leadership reserves the right to reject/deny an applicant for any reason. Members are expected to devote time, money and energy to this group. For example, attend group meetings, investigations, actively participate and be willing to research new locations. All aspects of investigations are to be kept confidential and we will never charge for our services.  



1-No drugs/alcohol while investigating, as this is grounds for

   automatic dismissal from the group 
             ~we reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the group who 
               appears to be under the influence. During an investigation, 
               investigators must keep a clear head!! This is for obvious


2-Professionalism at all times 
             ~We are dealing with persons who are experiencing in some

               instances distress. We are to treat others with a sense of

               calmness and respect. We will respect both the living as

               well as those who have passed on. 

3-Never go off alone
          ~This is for safety precautions. Investigators are never to go 
            investigating on their own, under any circumstances. 

4-We will meet prior to and after an investigation
         ~This is to ensure that we have gathered all information and to 
           make sure that we are all on the same page. 

5-No trespassing 
             ~Investigators will access permission at all times. We will

               also carry identification with us at all times. If we are

               asked to leave a property we will do so immediately. This is

               not up for negotiation. 

6-Carry Essentials 
             ~This includes appropriate clothing, flashlight, extra

               batteries for all equipment, any camera and a log book.