Southern Paranormal Research & Investigation Team 


           We Care About YourPrivacy.....

Due to the nature of this topic, we understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance, and we hold that in the highest standard. We do not post results of our private investigations unless prior consent has been granted by clients. We respect the privacy of persons served who are experiencing any distress or discomfort. No information will be released to a third party without prior consent. 




Our Mission is to provide professional quality services to those who are in need regarding paranormal phenomena. We feel that a genuine desire to help others as well as respect and empathy are core values that each investigator must possess. We do our best to provide proper referrals when appropriate. Our goal is to provide education and to objectively collect evidence to those who seek the truth. 


A Group of like minded individuals who share a fascination with the paranormal and paranormal research. Founded in 2011, our core group of members come from various backgrounds and bring their own specialized talents to the group. We have dedicated ourselves to both the pursuit of knowledge and to offering our assistance as needed to individuals experiencing paranormal phenomena.

We approach each investigation with the primary focus on scientific evidence that has been collected. Through the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, we seek to prove or disprove the existence of paranormal phenomena. We use several different investigative techniques, often simultaneously. This is done for various reasons. Spiritual phenomena may manifest itself in more than one form. Additionally, evidence is stronger the more it can be corroborated. 

Examples of techniques used include, but are not limited to; the use of video, audio recordings and photographs, as well as k-2 meters, emf detectors and numerous other equipment. We may also utilize the services of a medium or religious personnel depending upon the individual case circumstances ‚Äč